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Ask anyone who lives in Southern California and they will tell you that there's no better place to live. Residents of Malibu enjoy year 'round access to sun-soaked beaches, first-class golfing, and other outdoor activities. Life is good in SoCal, but it’s not so great for those who are hooked on drugs. If you or someone that you care about is currently struggling with addiction of any sort, Malibu Drug Treatment Centers can help.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Malibu

Malibu Drug Trends

Malibu Beach sits a mere 30 miles from Los Angeles. Due to its proximity to Hollywood, many Malibu residents earn their living in the entertainment business. Numerous movie stars, musicians, star athletes, and notable celebrities make Malibu their home for part of or all of the year. Some of these celebs are strung out on a variety of substances, including prescription painkillers and street drugs like cocaine. Maybe one of these people is you or your loved one. If so, please don't lose hope. Malibu drug treatment centers have helped many people regain control of their lives, and they can help you or your loved one, too.

In Malibu, people get hooked on a variety of drugs for a variety of reasons. According to the National Institutes on Health, the most commonly misused drugs in the Malibu area are opiate-based prescription pain medications, powdered and crack cocaine, as well as benzo sedatives. Marijuana use is prevalent, but cannabis is not nearly as addictive as the aforementioned drugs.

How Malibu Drug Treatment Centers Can Help Those who are Addicted

If you are like many people who find themselves in the throes of addiction, you may have come upon your drug habit rather innocently. Perhaps you were injured or maybe you hurt yourself through an accident. When prescribed strong pain relief medications, you may not have been advised as to how addictive these sorts of drugs actually are. Perhaps you took pain meds as prescribed and now you find yourself feeling sick when you don't take them. If this sounds like you, please understand that it's not your fault. Opioid pain medications are some of the most habit-forming substances on Earth and anyone who takes them for an extended period of time is bound to become physically and emotionally dependent.

Nobody expects to become an addict the first time they try drugs. Sadly, many drugs are so addictive that it only takes a little while for a user to become "hooked." If you find that you are unable to stop taking a certain substance, an alcohol and drug rehab in Malibu or throughout California can help you overcome your drug dependence.

The Perils of Prescription Sharing

If your friend was prescribed more pain meds than they actually used, they may have offered you the leftover medication after you were injured. This sort of prescription diversion is not only illegal; it's dangerous. Your well-meaning friend may think they've done you a favor when in reality, they may have started you down the road to full-blown addiction. When a doctor prescribes strong pain medication, they take into consideration the patient's history, weight, age, and other factors. Sharing drugs without these considerations is very dangerous.

When a friend shares leftover prescription pain pills, the results can be deadly. If you started taking your friend or family member's pain pills and now you can't stop taking those pills without feeling awful, please ask us about centers for addiction treatment in Malibu or local vicinity that can help you save your own life. We are not a rehab facility ourselves, but we are associated with the best rehabs in the Los Angeles area and we can hook you up with the right rehab for you.

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In the preponderance of drug recovery programs, the first step toward healing involves admitting that there is a problem. In truth, the first step toward recovery is calling us. We can tell you everything you want to know about the finest rehab facilities in and around Malibu. We've helped many people find the help they need to overcome drug and alcohol addictions, and we can help you or your loved one, as well. There is no good reason to remain addicted when confidential, comfortable addiction treatment is available right here, right now. Call Malibu Drug Treatment Centers now (310) 889-0038.

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